What We Believe

The Bible

We believe the 66 books of the Protestant Canon of Scripture is the revealed Word of God to humanity and therefore, is fully authoritative in and of itself to equip the Christian for a full life of faith and service to Yahweh. Within the Holy Scriptures we find all that is sufficient to decide matters of doctrine and practice in the Christian faith.


We believe and teach that our salvation is accomplished through the mediatory work of the historical Jesus Christ. In His sinless life and substitutionary atonement alone are found the sole means for mankind’s justification and reconciliation to Yahweh. No one comes to the Father except through the Son. None come to the Son except those whom the Father gives Him.


We hold that the education and discipleship of Christians is of upmost importance to the furtherance of the faith. At First Baptist Godley, we strive to offer a variety of educational resources to all levels of Christian brothers and sisters, from the newly converted to the oldest and wisest of Christ’s disciples.